Review of How We Felt

Today, I'm going to start a semi-regular feature detailing felting books, and looking in-depth at some of the artists involved in the books.  One of the books that I've been using recently is "How we Felt: Designs and Techniques by Contemporary Felt Artists" by Carol Huber Cypher.  It is a collection of different felting instructions from felt artists around the world, showing off their unique felting "recipes".


This book is a very advanced manual from which one can create beautiful work.  This book is not for the newcomer but rather the confident felt artist.  There are fewer pictures of how to do the basic elements of felting, and the instructions include a number of specific felting language.  

In the book, you can find some of the work of Lisa Klakulak.  Her item is a beautiful "Brick House" handbag.  The piece involves creating a handbag using the ball method.  On her website,, you can see more examples of her impressive work.


Besides handbags, she creates totes, gauntlets (fingerless gloves), scarves and other items.  As she says, her work is meant to contrast between the softness of the medium and the safety that handbags and clothing convey.  She works with felt as her base and often sews on other pieces of felt or buttons.

Lisa Klakulak_picnik.jpg

That's all for today.  I'm off to build a light box so that I can take pictures of some of the new work I've been doing.  I got the idea from Craftershock, and here's the link to their instructions. Take a look at them as the pictures they've taken with it look amazing.

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