New wool felting techniques inspired by Lisa Kalakulak at Strong Felt

Recently I went to a felting workshop in Kansas with Lisa Kalakulak of Strong Felt.  This workshop was one of the more amazing experiences I have had.  All of the people there were focused upon their work because of the leadership of Lisa.  She was intense and it allowed all of us to be equally intense.  I learned a number of new techniques while I was there including incorporating different materials, creating 3-d designs, and using embroidery to highlight the design of the felt.  Here are some examples of work myself and other students did:


I've begun incorporating these techniques into my own work, and though I haven't had much time to create too much, my first attempt at incorporating velvet into a felted hat.  Here is the result:


I'll have more new work soon, as well as exciting new classes that I've been doing.  I hope to write again soon, and I hope you all do well in the meantime.  Keep creating!

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