Felting with Velvet, Silk and other Fabrics

Today I read an interesting post on a beautiful blog called Clasheen By Nicola Brown.  She writes about incorporating hand dyed silk velvet into her work.  I really like to add new materials into my wool felt pieces.  Nuno felting is process of laminating wool and another fabric, silk, cotton wool. One of the ways of determining if a fabric can be used to nuno, is if the fabric is transparent or you can blow through it. This opens up a big wide world of fabric types, such as chiffon, silk or synthetic, gauze like fabric. It is also fun to laminate two different fabrics together with the wool in between acting as the "glue". Velvet can also be used, I especially like using "burn out silk velvet". That is velvet where the space around the pattern is usually a sheer fabric. Collaging, is also possible, incorporating into the felting process, other bits of not wool materials, such as Isoy fiber, cellulose fibers and silk roving. Wonderful effects can be achieved, there are so many possibilities to be creative. 

Here is an picture of how I incorporated velvet into a pair of Pulse Warmers or fingerless gloves that I posted last night on the blog.

The "Pulse Warmer" on my left hand show the affect of combining cut silk velvet and merino wool. I have done a lot of experiments using wool and velvet. I find the best way to insure a true marriage of the two materials is to "frame" the edges of the velvet with the wool. In the gauntlets, below the back, or palm side is all merino wall, wrapping around to trap the edges on the front of the gloves. During the finishing process of the gloves it was necessary to trim the cuff ad where the fingers extend, this released the edges of the velvet so it was necessary to finish the gloves with velvet ribbon trim. 


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