Handmade Wool Felt Hats for Winter

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I have been making all kinds of wonderful handmade wool felt hats this winter so I wanted you to take a look at my new work. Each hat is handcrafted from wool felt I make in my studio so they are a one of a kind work of art for your head.

Here is a picture of Oliver Poole wearing a grey felt hat that is long enough to cover his ears and funky felt dreads on the top.
grey hat worn by oliver.jpg
This is a short slide show of some of my other hats, take a look and give me your feedback. (BTW, the black rims on the hats are part of the hat forms, it is not the hat)

1 Comment

Hey Barbara!

BEAUTIFUL!! After I saw the pictures, no need to look in the dictionary anymore... excellent. It looks like a real passion!
Hope everything goes well for all of you.
Big hug from Fabienne

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