How to felt: 3-d felting

3-d felting is one of the more interesting and fun ways to felt.  As I showed you, my children and I recently created slippers using a 3-d method of felting called the resist method.  This method involves cutting out a piece of foam and laying the wool down around the resist.

First, one traces the shape of the foot on the piece of paper.  Then, one adds 3 inches to the entire slipper.  These three inches are so that the wool can shrink and end up fitting the person's foot.  Next, one traces this shape onto a piece of foam, and cuts out the slipper shape.

Once you have the slipper shape, you can begin to lay down the wool. I recommend 6 layers of wool in total. Then you wet it, flip it over, and carefully lay wool down on the other side.  Once both sides are laid out, you can roll the wool up and begin felting.

laying out felt.jpg

After you've rolled the wool for at least 30 minutes, you can take the slipper out and, if it passes the pinch test, you should cut it open and remove the resist.  The slipper can then be hand felted by rubbing it against a rough surface such as bubble wrap or a washboard.

This is basically what I do when I create a pair of woolen slippers.  If you're interested in learning this, and you live in the Boston area, check out my upcoming classes at Boston Center for Adult Education.
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