Making Nuno Felt: How to lay down wool roving on silk to create a Nuno Felt Shawl

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There are special techniques for laying down wool on silk to ensure that the wool fibers work themselves through the woven silk, that I demonstrate in this short video from one of my Nuno Felting classes.  We are making shawls and in this video I am showing how to make the border around the perimeter of the shawl using a technique called "shingling". It is called shingling because every thin layer of wool overlaps the previous layer of wool slightly. Shingling is required throughout the process of laying down wool, but here I am only showing it on the border of the shawl.  This video was taken by Ania Gilmore who took the class.  Thanks Ania!

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1 Comment

I have some beautiful silk saris and want to felt the edges for scarves, I am having trouble getting it to stay, any ideas??

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