Felted Flower, To Bead or Not to Bead

flower without beads.jpg
      What a dreary day in Boston, rain, rain and more rain, but at least you don't have to shovel rain. It was  perfect day to be felting in my studio. I worked on finishing the felt flowers that my model Rachel will wear in her hair for the photo shoot on Wednesday. I am still uncertain as to whether I should bead the flowers. Here is my dilemma, on the left is the felt flower in all its glorious "feltedness"

 On the right, is the felt flower I beaded as a gift for my    flower with beads.jpg
ex-assistant Oa. I think the beads make it look spectacular, but it takes me two and half hours to bead!!! As beautiful as they are, I can't charge enough to make up for my time. What to do.? I retail my simple felted flowers for $30. I would have to charge at least $50 in order to make the embellishments worth my time. I suppose I can make a few and see what the market says.

I love the color of this felt flower. I blended three different colors of my merino wool roving. Rubrum Lily
, rubrum lily.jpg

La Sunrise LA Sunrise.jpg

Black Raspberry   Black Rasberry.jpg Three very luscious hot colors. Just the medicine for a miserable winter day. All these colors and more are available in my boutique .

Sunday was the going away party for Oa and I gave her the felted flower broach. Doesn't she look beautiful wearing it?oa & Flower.jpg


Good morning Barbara,

Love the felted flower and it's beautiful in either state. I have the same dilemma in trying to decide how much to embellish, and whether or not the market will bear the added labor costs. Let me know if you do a comparison and how that works...I'd be very interested.

Oa looks stunning in her beaded flower. I'm sure she looks stunning in whatever she wears, but the flower is a wearable work of art. I know you're going to miss her.

Hope you're having a great day,

Hi Dawn, I know it really is a dilemma. But I can't seem to help myself so I will go ahead and bead a few and see what happens. I will keep you informed. Enjoy the day. Barbara

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