Felting in Color: My New Wool Roving Palette

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It is January in Boston. Cold, dark, and gray.  Everywhere I look the streets are devoid of color. I crave color, especially in the dark days of winter. I look forward to everyday going into my studio and visually devouring the luscious colors of my wool roving. There are greens, that remind me of the beginnings of spring and the hot humid days of summer. Blues that place me on my back gazing into the skies, to strolling along a mountain lake or the oceans edge. Then my gaze falls on the beguiling pinks, the first blush, the strawberry ice cream to the hot flamingo pink. I can't forget the purples, delicate shy lavenders, dusty mauves, the purple on the edge of a sunset. Soon the  yellows beckon me, warm curry, hot golden yellow and the cool lemon yellows lead me to the reds. They promise the heat I am craving, red of chili peppers, the sultry red of  a sunrise, oranges that send a golden glow over everything and deep reds that promise comfort.

This is what I see when I look at my wool roving, my wool color palette. I have been selling my wool on ebay, but I have decided to take a leap of faith and sell my beautiful hand picked wool roving colors, here in the B. Felt Boutique. I'll have over 70 colors available on my site www.bfelt.com. It is a daunting task to put all the wool on a site and I have my wonderful husband, Chip and my son Ian are helping me. I think we have 50 colors online now and we will be putting new colors up daily. My wool is beautiful, soft and 100% Merino Wool.  I have hand picked the colors for their very rich hues. We have all worked hard to accurately describe the colors and I think I came up with a novel way of doing so, Crayola crayons. So for every color of wool roving I am offering for sale I have attempted to find the corresponding crayon or crayons that come closest to the colors. 

So indulge, your color cravings. I am selling my wool by the ounce and SHIPPING is free.  

1 Comment

I always get inspiration from your many sites, and this one really hit me at the right time. So guess where I'll be shopping for my next color palette?
Thanks for some color ideas too!

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