I make Wool Felt Flowers in the Winter, to remind me of my garden

felt flowers new.jpg
The temperature is dropping here in Boston and I miss my little garden in the city. I should call it what it really is a "yardette". But in the spring and summer right into the fall, I call it paradise. I love flowers in all their infinite variety. So today I decided to cure my craving by finishing the felt flowers my former assistant Oa had made for me. I usually finish the felt flowers with a lot of beading. I'm a big fan of the adage, "why do less when you can do more?" But this time, I'm not so sure. These felt flowers were created a little differently than my usual  wool felt flowers.                                                                                                                                                            This time, I decided to do some freestyle embroidery first to help the felt flowers lay flat. I learned the embroidery technique in a workshop I took last year with Lisa Klakulak . By embroidering in the center of the felt flower, over and over, the wool is compressed making the center of the flower pop up. I love this technique. But I am in a quandary. 
close up of free style embrodery.jpgIMG_5506.JPG
Do I embellish with beads or not? I love the way the felt flowers look without the beads. However, it goes against my nature to not gild the lilly, no pun intended.  At least one of these felt flowers will be embellished and that is the flower I am giving to Oa at her going away party Sunday night. Maybe, when I see that flower finished I will know which way to go. 

If any you have tried freestyle embroidery on wool felt you probably have a stash of machine needles just like I have. I think, I have tried every needle on the market and no matter what I do they break. 
needles stash.jpg

Now, I believe I have finally found the perfect needle. Schmetz, Microtex 80/12. I tried it all day yesterday and the same needle is still in the machine! I used all kinds of threads, cotton, rayon, Sulky all with equally good results. It makes me want to try some more embroidery on wool felt.

free style embroidery.jpg


Hi Barbara,

Well it may be cold and snowy in Boston, but your beautiful flowers sure make me think "Spring-time". They're fantastic...with or without beads...And I love the embroidery. Hope to see Oa's finished flower posted if you have time. I'm sure it will be lovely.

We're in for some of our coldest weather of the season this week, so I guess our gardening is still a ways off. A consolation...no lawn mowing:-)

Hope you have a great weekend Barbara. Love your blog...Excellent photos!

Hi Dawn, Thank you. I am so over winter. Am about to bead Oa's flower. And I will take a picture before and after, maybe people can vote?

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