Life As An Itinerant Felt Maker

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New year, new felting classes. I teach felting at three different locations and I am forever packing and unpacking my car. I am always in fear of having forgotten something, and inevitably I do. Yesterday I taught at a felt hat class  Bead + Fiber,   to two delightful sisters. Maureen and Martha.  So what did I forget? My glass washboard. I love my glass washboard for making 3-d objects. After you have rolled and "fulled" the wool to a certain point, the washboard makes the "fulling" process go so quickly. Lucky for me, these two women were such good rollers and fullers that the washboard was unnecessary. What! You haven't tried a glass washboard? If you work on 3-d felt, it should be in your tool stash, you can buy one at Columbus washboard company. They are the last washboard manufacturing company in the USA hat class.jpg This is Martha laying out her hat and in the background you can see Maureen working on her hat.
maureen hat class.jpgHere is Maureen laying out her hat.

If you live in the Worcester area, I will be teaching a 6 week felting course starting on February 24th at the Worcester Art Museum, night they will having an adult ed open house. from 5:30 - 7:30 come by and say hello. I will be doing a felting demonstration and would love to see you there. There will be free eats and drinks. 

I also have a few classes coming up at the Boston Center for Adult Education  On January 23rd I will be teaching a Nuno shawl class and then on Jan 31st I will be teaching Embellished felted, beads, baubles, lariats and flowers.

There is still room in all the classes and if you register and let me know by e-mail your name will be entered to win a fabulous scarf kit, a $60. value. 

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