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We all start out the New Year with high resolve. Maybe on your list is learning new  felting techniques or just becoming more aware of what others are doing in the medium. Right now, there are two artists who are inspiring me to greater experimentation in felting. The
first is Judit Pócs a Hungarian feltmaker extraordinaire; I purchased her DVD, On Gentle Threads, a film by Judit Pócs and  István Rittgasser, without many expectations. I had 
seen one of her amazing hat sculptures and was just hoping to see more, and if I didn't like it, I was going to send it back. I have now watched it about a dozen times! Each time is a total inspiration! It is not a "how to video", though we do see her creating this fabulous rug, you cannot learn to felt by watching this video. What you do get is a glimpse into this astounding artist's creative mind. The film gives this wonderful overview of the felt process from sheep to finished product. On Gentle Threads is filled with the rich color and texture of wool. Judit Pócs tells a very compelling story with animation and digital special effects. If you have $45 burning in your pocket, or a birthday coming up, and you are a felt devotee, get a copy of this DVD. I purchased it through New England Felting Supply.

 I wish I could find a web site devoted to her work, but it doesn't seem to be that she has her own site. I know, I must be doing something wrong in my search. If anybody out there can direct me to her site, I would be be most grateful. 

Go to "Felting Fashion: Creative and Inspirational Techniques for Feltmakers" page

Another source for inspiration for me has been Lizzie Houghton, Felting Fashion:Creative and Inspirational Techniques for Feltmakers.  This book is billed as a "how-to-book", but only if you have quite a bit of experience will you be able to puzzle out the directions. That said, if you forgot about the exercises and projects, this is a book of colorful inspiration. If I am stuck about color a look through her book and I am newly inspired. She has a gift for combining, blending colors and textures that is both original, witty and modern. Her fearlessness allows me to take bigger challenges in my choices of color and fabric. You can purchase this book by going through my website on the books page. 

Lizzie is a British feltmaker and you can learn more about her, see her latest work and her schedule on her website,

I would love to hear who inspires you in your felt making? Comment and tell us who you look to when for inspiration, new techniques and challenges. Happy New year and Happy Felting.
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Good morning Barbara,

I believe you're right. I've checked many times to see if I could locate a website or blog for Judit, but have never had any luck. If you happen to get any leads, I'd love to know, too.

Hope the start to the New Year has been good to you. Have a great week.

Take care,

Hi Barbara,
I speak the language and still could NOT locate any website for her.
Here are some sites with pictures of her work:
click on pictures for a better view
A couple of years ago I took a short video of a band whose members wear her hats whenever they perform. They are shaped like instruments.
BTW: I love your work! very impressive! Happy felting!
Piroska from NJ (+ Hungary)

Hey there! Excellent post! Please do tell us when we shall see a follow up! 428735

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