Nuno Seamless Felt Dress

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Today, I had my friend, and the wonderful model Rachel Worrall came to my studio. I had her try on the nuno felted dress and discovered a problem. Not one that is visible, nor even fatal. It seems that, even though I had produced the dress for her and had measured very carefully, when it dried it got smaller. (Lesson learned, be sure to place a form inside so as the garment dries it retains its' shape) So what your are looking at is a bit of a fudge.

I had to take scissors to the back of the dress, GASP, a bold move. But one, that I believe will ultimately make for a better garment and me a better felter. Rachel suggested that I add laces to the back of the garment. I thought the idea was brilliant, and I actually believe it is more in keeping with my idea that this garment, the first in my new Elements Collection will be more earth like. The laces will be like vines trailing down her back.I can't wait to get started. I have to have it finished by next Wednesday for the official photo shoot with Carolyn Ross. We are planning on take the photos in the greenhouses of Wellesley College

Carolyn is beautiful photographer, and a good friend. I love her work and she has done some amazing work for me. Look at her website,  to see how talented she is. 

rachel shawl back.jpgHere Rachel is wearing the jacket ,which fit her perfectly. She and I both love the way you can toss the drape over our shoulders, and it flutters  as you walk. It is utterly feminine. Here is one more picture, this time from the front. You can really see the "wings". I want to make one to fit me!  Doesn't it look beautiful on Rachel?

I have some really exciting news about my new online boutique but it will have to wait for tomorrow. I don't want to miss Project Runway.

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Beautiful dress and model! Thank you!

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