Oa's last felted flowers.

I have had the pleasure of making felt with a wonderful young women for the last four months. Oa Sjoblom, is a recent graduate of Vassar, with a degree in Art History, along the way to her degree she discovered that she wanted to be an art conservationist, but  because she had majored in art history she had neglected to to take chemistry or studio classes. This is how she came to be my assistant for the last four months here in Boston. 

While she was completing her required courses to enable her to take her dream job in New DSC_6789-Edit.jpgOrleans, she worked for me on a part time basis, during my busy season. With absolutely no felting experience, but a genuine curiosity for the process, we worked side by side for four wonderful months. I will miss her greatly! 

The first thing I had her make in my studio was my Wooly Body Scrubbers, (soap wrapped in felted wool). Next, we learned to make flet flowers and finally, she helped me complete my first Nuno felted dress and jacket, (pictures are coming). DSC_6821-Edit.jpgIt is fitting that on her last day she made 12 flower corsages and she did it in under 2 hours whereas the first time she made these flowers it took four hours to complete 6 !!! I would say she has come a long way along that felted road. So off she goes next week to the big easy and now I am looking for another assistant. Good luck, Oa! 


Good morning Barbara,

Well, no wonder you're going to miss Oa...What a sweetheart. Love the video clip.

Best of luck Oa in your new venture in New Orleans...You'll be a trend-setter there with your felt creations.

Happy felting,

Hi Dawn, She is special. Thank you

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