Busy Felting, Busy Teaching Felting

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I had the privilege of teaching five wonderful women. They call themselves the YaYas. They have been friends for over 20 years. They came together to celebrate a special birthday for one of their own, Gayle. Imagine, a whole weekend with your best buds. This, however is not a picture of Gail, but a picture of Suzanne, the organizer of this wonderful event. The event started with a Nuno Felt Scarf class taught by me at Bead + Fiber Gallery. We started at 11 am and everyone worked like mad till 2:30 when the scarves were finished .

What I love best about teaching these classes is the camaraderie that comes about while doing the work. With this class these feelings were amplified ten fold. The energy, caring and love that was in that room left me high the rest of the day. 

When they were all finished I snapped this photo for my wet scarf club.Happy Birthday Gail, Gail is the women on the right side of the picture.
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What a wonderful article to add to our scrapbook of a great weekend...I can't tell you how much we all enjoyed the experience..we are all wearing our scarves!!! Gayle now wants to start making them and is trying to organize her space!!
Again, thanks for the memories and fun!!

Suzanne Johnson

Barbara - I have been trying to describe what we actually did in your class. Your website says it all...We all came away a little "richer" from our day with you. You can't put a price tag on an experience like the one that we all had together...I am still in awe of the beautiful scarves that we made...Every time I wear it I will think of our afternoon together...Our thanks to Ian too! Love - Gayle

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