Felted Pulse Warmers aka Fingerless Gloves

Chanel meets goth pulse warmers.jpg
I love experimenting with new designs and materials, I just like to see if I can do it. These felted fingerless gloves are a perfect example. I wanted to try to create fingerless gloves that paid homage to Karl Lagerfelds' fall collection. In his fall show many of his models wore fingerless gloves in black with a touch of lace or ruffles. Mine are Merino wool with silk, tencel and lace inclusions. I love these fingerless gloves. They have both a feminine feel and a very tough urban feel.They were so much fun to make that I made  three more pairs all different.

green pulse warmers.jpg
The green ones are made with Merino wool from my boutique, Algae  and Yellow Curry . I also added wool eyelash yarn as an inclusion.These green pulse warmers have turned up cuffs and the opening around the fingers is turned and stitched down. I think they have a very collegial feel.   I then decided to experiment with silk velvet. Which resulted in the purple Nuno felt pulse warmers, below..
I used cut silk velvet,  Merino wool in Pansy from my boutique. I finished the gloves by hand stitching velvet ribbon around the cuffs and the finger openings. The palms have a vine pre-felt design with hand embroidery emphasizing the design. I can't seem to get a good picture of the palms the color difference between the pre-felt and the wool is very close.
I think these have an Edwardian  feel. Purple and velvet, I can just see the women wearing this stepping out of a horse drawn carriage in the 18th century.

purple pulse warmers.jpgIn the last pair I finished, I wanted to create something a little bit wild. I really don't know how to describe them. They are a blend of all Merino wool from my boutique, Algae, Deep Water, Dirty Martini, and Hot Tamale. I know they have a reptilian feel but, they are a lot of fun to wear. You will definitely be noticed when you wear these felted pulse warmers.

olive target pulse warmers.jpg

All of these felted pulse warmers are for sale in my boutique.

SO why do I call these fingerless gloves pulse warmers. Well, there is always a gap between the end of the glove and the sleeve of your coat. In our cold New England weather, wind rushes up my sleeves and chills my wrists. When I set out to design these gloves I wanted to make them long enough to cover my wrists to prevent a cold pulse, hence pulse warmers.

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