Making A Nuno Felt Blue Circular Shawl


Hello, everyone! I've just returned from is New York City,where I bought new silks for my new line of spring scarves and shawls.  In the next few weeks I'll have some updates on my unique spring felt fashion creations!

I have been a busy felt maker and marketing maven lately.  Recently, I was featured on the Boston Neighborhood Network's program "It's All Abouts Arts" hosted by Glen Williams and Suzanne Schultz.  "It's All About Arts" has been on public television for thirteen years and is a respected source of information about the arts in Boston.  Over the next week I'll post more clips from the video interview.

Today, however, I wanted to highlight something that ended up on the cutting room floor.  My son and I made this video about making a blue circular shawl which I did not use in my video taped interview.  A circular shawl is made from circle pattern, so it has no sleeves and is more like a vest with a wide collar that drapes over your shoulders. It is the perfect lightweight covering for summer and spring, especially in summer, when restaurants will last that air conditioning.

I took the circle pattern from the December issue of Threads Magazine. My inspiration for the patterns of the wool was water. For this project I used beautiful hand panted silk chiffon from Gorgeous Fabrics.  The silk I used was very special because it had just a touch of glitter in it.  In the video, you'll see how I lay out the wool, and how I create the patterns that end up on the finished product.

I hope you enjoyed this and there will soon be other videos that I'll be putting up over the next week.  You can find all of my videos hosted on youtube.  Happy Felting!


Good morning Barbara,

I just watched all three of your videos...Great job! I love the beautiful long jacket that you're wearing in the interview with Glen. I assume that you made that, too, and it is stunning!

I'd love to see the whole "It's All About Arts" interview. I'm going to check the station site after writing to see if it's posted in its entirety. Wish that I lived within the viewing area so that I could have watched it live.

Thanks for sharing Barbara.

Great video and beautiful result Barbara! The shape of this pattern is very reminiscent of work Danish felter Charlotte Buch creates, little jackets and shrugs created in flat felt with slits for the armholes. I REALLY need some time out to make one of these for myself! Thanks for posting. Nicola

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