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Nuno Felt Dress Inspired by Water

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for water dress front.jpgIsn't Rachel fetching in my latest nuno felt dress in my series of garments inspired by "The Elements".  The first dress I titled "Earth" and that dress gave me fits.  I thought I had measured correctly, but I did not take into account the shrinkage of the fabric, which was rayon. Plus I let the dress dry without blocking or placing a form inside. I saved the dress, rather successfully I think, by slicing the back up and turning the back into a corset style back. So, I put those lessons learned  into my next dress.

I started with the idea of water and waves gently lapping the shore. I wanted the dress to be fluttery and express the colors of the ocean. I chose silk chiffon, and silk organza in shades of deep ocean blue, sparkling island turquoise, storm gray with touches of white. I designed the dress with a gored skirt, the gore is in the front and back with a dropped waist. I then added v-neck front and v-neck back which means I did not have to deal with buttons, zippers or fastners. Rachel just steps into the dress.water dress back.jpg

The dress fits Rachel pefectly. I achieved this by using a duct tape dummy to dry the dress on. If you ever have to make something fit perfectly start with a duct tape dummy. I learned how to make a duct tape dummie by following these instructions.

This dress "Water" and the other dress "Earth" are going to be in the 2nd annual Wearable Art Show st the Bead + Fiber Gallery in Boston Ma. I organized this show and it takes place during the SOWA artwalk, May 15 & May 16 at 2pm. If you are in the area please come, and pray for nice weather as the event takes place outdoors.

Happy Felting 

Hello again.

I wanted to show you the last of the videos from my interview with Glenn Williams.  This video focuses on one of my favorite necklaces.  Here is a close up picture so you can see it well:

Necklace Earth Seed front.jpg

As you can see, the necklace is 3-d, with solid felt balls, protuberances.  Everything is hand beaded.  The necklace is actually extremely light despite it's size.  Here is the video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

The inspiration for this very organically shaped necklace came from the book, "Seeds; Time Capsules of Life" 2nd edition by Rob Kesseler & Wolfgang Stuppy. This book contains  the most astounding microscopic photographs of seeds. One look and all I can see are felt shapes. Every time I turn I page I am left breathless.

Oh, and did I mention  color. Well let me say, whenever a student asks me if a color goes with another color, my answer is always look at nature. The most unique juxtapositions of color can be found in nature and this book is a testament to that fact.  I will be dipping into the pages of this book for inspiration for a long time to come.

I've got to get going to my studio.  I'm making new spring wearables, and am excited to show them off to you.

Till then, Happy Felting!

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