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Assemblage Scarves

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It's been a little while since I've written here, but I do have a lot of new items to show.

One of the things that I've focusing on is creating nuno felt Assemblage Scarves.  These scarves start out with a sheet of prefelt and then lay out pieces of silk on top of the prefelt.  Here is an image of the scarves before I'd wet them and rolled them:

Two of these scarves were also laid out with a piece of silk fringe on one side.  This gives the scarf a more ruffled look than the other two.  The silk will be tightly connected by the layers of wool that sandwich it to the prefelt below.

The scarves lose some of the texture that the loose wool gives but in return gains greater definition to the colors and blend as well.  I love some of the surprise that you will get from what the wool does as it travels through the wool

Hopefully all of you are doing well.  Sorry to be short, but I'll have more info for you shortly.

Happy Felting

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