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New Felt Coat: Animal Tracks

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I have been working on a new coat that I am overjoyed to show you.  The coat is from my earth series, and is entitled "Animal Tracks".  The coat is lined on the inside with a leopard skin pattern.  On the outside, the combination of blue, yellow and brown brings to mind the ground of the forest after the rain, with sun reflecting off the tiny puddles of tracks.

Here it is modeled by wonderful assistant Octavia.  Though she is a size 6, the coat looks great on a size 12 as well.



This coat was made as part of my preparation for my Worcester Art Museum course "Felted Garment Workshop". This coat was meant to end at the hips, but I am still learning how much the wool will shrink.   No matter what, it looks great and makes me excited for the upcoming class.

Happy Felting

Barbara Poole

More hats, and an automaton

Hello all,

I've got another hat to show you, this one modeled by my assistant Monika.  I'm slowly developing my little studio into a little atelier.


I'm also starting a new project of creating a small automata called battina.  An automata is a kinetic sculpture, like a jack-in-the-box. I took the idea from a doll manufacturer, and you can look at the original idea at this website.  I've created a small head for the creature and am going to work on creating the wings this week.


I'm planning on doing more of the mixing of felt sculpture and mechanical elements, for my next Bromfield show in March of 2011, tentatively titled "Invasive Species".  I want the sculptures to seem alive, but they will all move by different simple mechanisms.  I'm really excited for this and will be documenting the progress on this blog.

Today, I'm busy making a jacket for my new class at Worcester Art Museum, a felt garment workshop.  I'm very excited for getting to teach this new class.

Next time, I'll have some pictures of the jacket, and an exclusive explanation of how to lay out your pattern to create you jacket.

Hope everyone is well, and Happy Felting.
Hello Felters!

I've got some new stuff that I've been doing with felt, including refining my flower technique.  These flowers are created similar to how I would create a hat, except that it is concentric rings connected by leaving a small hole in the center of the plastics that I use.

I took some pictures of my new hat and handbag, and I'll be ramping up production of both of these in anticipation for my upcoming craft shows.  Both the handbag, and hat also have a flower attached to them.IMG_1188.jpg

Thanks for visiting and as always, Happy Felting.

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