New Felt Coat: Animal Tracks

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I have been working on a new coat that I am overjoyed to show you.  The coat is from my earth series, and is entitled "Animal Tracks".  The coat is lined on the inside with a leopard skin pattern.  On the outside, the combination of blue, yellow and brown brings to mind the ground of the forest after the rain, with sun reflecting off the tiny puddles of tracks.

Here it is modeled by wonderful assistant Octavia.  Though she is a size 6, the coat looks great on a size 12 as well.



This coat was made as part of my preparation for my Worcester Art Museum course "Felted Garment Workshop". This coat was meant to end at the hips, but I am still learning how much the wool will shrink.   No matter what, it looks great and makes me excited for the upcoming class.

Happy Felting

Barbara Poole

1 Comment

Good morning Barbara,

This coat is amazing! One of the joys of working with felt...Sometimes, what we have in mind, and what the felt has in store, are two different things, and I love the outcome here...The length is, in my opinion, just perfect.

Hope you have a great day.

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