How To Fix Short Shawls While Celebrating My Birthday

Hello all!

I missed last week but I'm glad to be back and able to show you more new work.  My birthday was this past Sunday and my husband and I went out to the beach.  Afterward, we had a wonderful lobster dinner.  As if that weren't enough, today my assistants surprised me with flowers and a cake!

IMG_1290.JPGHowever it was not all good news.  I looked ober two of the shawls that I had made recently and realized they were too short!  I like my shawls to be about 8 ft in length because that way they can drape and wrap around the body.

This small catastrophe was not the end of the world though.  My son Ian and I stretched them by hand and then pinned them to the wall as tightly as possible.  If this happens to you, you may not have access to an 8 ft wall that you're willing to put holes in.  The next best way to do it is to build a simple frame for the shawl, even just two saw horses with blocks of wood attached to pin the shawl on will do.

Despite their short length, the shawls did come out stunning.  Here are some photos to help you get through the hot days of summer:



Now these scarves look beautiful and are ready for my shows in September and October.  Hope this information helps with your own felt catastrophes.

Happy Felting.

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