National Tour Kicks off at Lyndhurst

I'm back from Tarrytown, NY and I had a wonderful show!

I can't say enough about how beautiful the Lyndhurst mansion and grounds were.  Besides being lucky enough to exhibit with some great artists, the area around us was perfectly manicured and included immense trees and  plants that you can only find on the Lyndhurst estate.  I didn't have the chance to wander around but what I saw took my breath away.  Here is a picture of one of the large specimen trees on the estate:


I had very nice weather over the weekend, except that it was a little chilly.  I made friends with my neighbors and kept them warm by lending out some of my scarves.  Here is Julie Girardini  modeling one of my scarves:


Julie and her husband, Ken, create home furnishings and accessories.  Their work is functional, elegant, and daringly creative.  As an artist, I most love their personal work that is a little less functional but more out there.  Here is one of Julie's fine art pieces:


I love how delicate and yet strong the piece feels.  For more information on the husband and wife duo, go to their website.

I made a lot of changes to my booth design for this show.  I now have modular grids instead of shelves and a table, and instead of a rug I have modular floor tiles.  The grid was a great success, it look up less room than the table, and was so airy that it practically disappeared from view.  The floor tiles, on the other hand, were not as much of a success.  The show was outside so the floor tiles sunk a bit into the ground, hopefully they will work better when I go to an indoor show.  Here is a shot of how my booth looked:


So Lyndhurst was a success, and now comes my next stop, Peoria, IL. I'm going to be in booth 120 at the Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair.  This will be the first show that I am shipping my work to and using a booth other than my own.  I am very excited for this show as it will be my first journey to the Midwest as an artist.  If you know anyone from the area, please encourage them to come visit.

Until next time, Happy Felting!

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