Man Plans and God Laughs

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All Packed up no place to goI am sure everybody has seen those U-Haul trucks with the tag line an Adventure in Moving. Really, who wants an adventure in moving? The process of moving is one of the more stressful life events. Adventure-I don't think so. Today is the day I leave my studio for the great unknown in Lowell, my new live work studio. BUT, there is a glitch, maybe this is what they mean by adventure.



Empty studio

The building that my husband and I are moving into, the Western Avenue Lofts, is a converted Mill building and  has not been approved for human occupancy.There are a myriad of inspections and checkpoints that must be met before we are allowed to take possession of our space.  As with any bureaucracy, communication between the individual fiefdoms within the said bureaucracy is sorely lacking. What should have been move-in day has turned into delay-day.  So instead of moving into my light filled space I am now packing my studio and filling a "pod" in the parking lot of my new studio.  The best estimate is that next Wednesday will be the actual move day. Rather anticlimactic not to mention frustrating, emotional and exhausting, definitely not the type of "adventure" I seek.

I have to give a shout out to my wonderful movers, Henry, Gabe and Terrance from the the fantastic moving company Rare Movers . These guys are great, I changed my date three times, location twice and they never missed a beat. Rare Movers.JPG


Well, this means I get a week off from felting, which will make me cranky. Work is my stabilizer. I am most happy in my studio, working designing and playing with all my beautiful wool. It also will make me frantic when I finally do get in because I thought I had two week to produce the samples for my class at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, but instead I will only have a week.


OH!! and did I mention it is my husbands 60th birthday and I have nothing, absolutely nothing planned. Even though he says he wants to ignore the whole thing, I don't think that would be very nice. With everything going on I think the best I can manage is a nice dinner out, with a few friends. I will take him to his new favorite restaurant, Sweet Cheeks Q. I have to say, I think they have the best biscuits I have every eaten.


red flower clutch.jpgI did manage to make a clutch purse for a client in Pennsylvania. Her request was for something simple. Personally I think the bag is very restrained for my sensibilities, but when I announced to my assistant, "Look at this simple clutch I just made". She burst out laughing and said  "Only you would call that simple". Well I guess I don't do simple well.

I put a cell phone pocket in the inside and it closes with a snap. I made it to go with the dress the client bought. The birds of paradise dress. I think they go perfectly.


Well I am off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day Happy Feltingbird of paradise dress.jpgred clutch inside.jpg

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Moving...sends shivers down my spine. I can not imagine packing up all of my junk...Yes, definitely would not be an adventure for me. Guess my business would not be very successful with a tag line of,'Nightmares in Moving!'

Dream up lots of ideas in this transition week. Can't wait to see your new space and all that you create in your new space;-)

Best wishes,

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