Western Avenue Studios - Home at Last!

First things first, I've moved! Yes, it's still ongoing, but the most important piece is over - we're now in our space. We have more things arriving and I don't know how they're going to fit, but that's another story!

Here are a few shots of our new space at Western Avenue Studios. The main entrance to the work/living space is just beyond the red car on the right. The taller building with the many smaller windows straight ahead contains the artists' (smaller) studio spaces.

The live/work spaces are in the building on the right. This shows the north-facing side. Our space is on the other side - being south-facing.

The photo above shows me outside in the parking lot with our three communal planters! 

The photo  below shows our space. We will shortly begin work building into it. 

At the moment, from the windows, the layout starts with our living room and the study space, then our bedroom (currently in the place where the spare bedroom will be located), the studio space and the dining room/kitchen. Behind this shot is the front door and to the left (also out of shot) is the kitchen and bathroom.

20120825-Studio space 2.jpg

20120825-STudio space.jpg
Above shows a close-up of my studio space as it is at present - it will be a room all of its own once we have finished building. Behind the yellow wall, far left, is the bathroom. I cannot tell you what a difference having lots of light about me all the time has made to me. I'll never work in a lightless basement again!

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