Descience De-Vote!

The London fashion magazine FG Magazine highlighted my work as a part of their ongoing series of articles on Descience. The article says:

"In the past five months we have discovered a whole new world of science and fashion through our series of Descience articles. We have been exposed to unique scientific research, abstract yet fascinating images and most importantly, we have had the opportunity to see flourishing the collaboration of 60 contending teams that, through their interpretation of science and cutting edge research, have pulled together beautiful and functional garments. They are now ready to be exhibited and judged on the Descience Runaway 2014 providing the perfect platform for two worlds that have been successfully fused to synergise the efforts of these talented artists and scientists.

Descience Runway 2014 will take place on 29th September 2014 at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Each team's design will be featured in a live runway show. Fifteen of the looks will be chosen as finalists and then be featured in a final runway walk. Models will then display these looks for guests and judges during a glamorous reception."

Descience De-Vote.jpg

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