Artist Statement

I work in felt because of its plastic nature, historic ties to the body and it's metaphorical similarities and connections to skin. Felt has always provided insulation from the natural elements. Nomads used it for warmth and shelter - it can be seen in Mongolian yurts and elegant, shaped cloaks from the Middle East.
All my work is one of kind, but they may all begin as the same shape and size. I approach each piece as a unique work of art, so that even a simple scarf will possess it's own vision. My painters' background allows me to create work within the formal language of painting, paying attention to form, color and light. I create garments to adorn the wearer. My clothing and accessories embody the Bohemian lifestyle. I think of my work as BoHo Chic. 
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see the physical transformation of the wearers in my garments. The jackets encourage the wearer to move freely through her environment. As she walks the gossamer fabric of the jacket floats and lifts, making the wearer feel light and feminine. My scarves are sculptural in nature, with double folds of warm felt to protect the wearer ears and neck. The handbags I create a sculptural containers to protect the contents and to project an elegant casualness. 
The inspiration for my work comes from a number of sources, the four elements, earth, air, fire and water are a constant underlying theme in all my work, whether through color texture or form. I overlay the basic themes with an urban edge; I add rock and roll and jazz. 


wow! i am totally impressed. what a transformation, and seems so right.
thanks for keeping me in the loop. i can't wait to see what more you're doing.
i'm swinging along on my own road, keeping to the studio. but am at the point of change - maybe you understand that???
all best,
maureen - from ragdale

Your work is really beautiful!

I am enjoying watching your videos on felting very interesting

After trying on your stunning Freida Kahlo coat yesterday I returned home to look at your website. Your work is truly visionary, you are a colorist of the highest order.

Thank you!

PSI would love to visit your studio. Please let me know when this might be possible.

Again, thank you!

Cathie Spingler

where or how can i purchase an item - i live in new jersey

Dear Barbara,

Greetings from the Roudenbush Community Center!
We want to extend to you the opportunity to exhibit your artwork as Artist of the Month at Roudenbush. A proud supporter of the arts, We have been hosting galleries since 2011, and we are looking for more 2D work to grace the walls of our gallery this fall. Specifically, we are looking for oil, watercolor, acrylic or photography work. We are a non profit, located in the heart of Westford Center and our goal is to bring quality educational programs and classes to individuals, families and the community. Our gallery has evolved from all of the art classes we offer.

Attached is our "call for artists" flyer as well as gallery guidelines. We have openings in the fall months, or plan ahead for winter of 2015.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,
Ellen Wright
978-692-5511 X223

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