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Assemblage Scarves

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It's been a little while since I've written here, but I do have a lot of new items to show.

One of the things that I've focusing on is creating nuno felt Assemblage Scarves.  These scarves start out with a sheet of prefelt and then lay out pieces of silk on top of the prefelt.  Here is an image of the scarves before I'd wet them and rolled them:

Two of these scarves were also laid out with a piece of silk fringe on one side.  This gives the scarf a more ruffled look than the other two.  The silk will be tightly connected by the layers of wool that sandwich it to the prefelt below.

The scarves lose some of the texture that the loose wool gives but in return gains greater definition to the colors and blend as well.  I love some of the surprise that you will get from what the wool does as it travels through the wool

Hopefully all of you are doing well.  Sorry to be short, but I'll have more info for you shortly.

Happy Felting

I want to share with you some clips from the interview I did with Glenn Williams on the Boston Neighborhood Network show: "It's All About Arts".

This video highlights my model, Rachel Worrell wearing the blue circular shawl, which I showed the making of in a previous post, and an iridescent blue shawl. I don't work with blue often, as its a color that I excites me. I am trying to overcome my blue aversion. I think these pieces are stunning and fun. Rachel looks especially beautiful in blue.  Fortunately the video features the camera work captures the details of the iridescent shawl.

It was so much fun to do the interview and I had a lot of help. A big thank you to Rachel Worrell, model and friend, Michelle Poor, our make up artist, everybody at BNN, and my husband Chip, who attempted to solve an insolvable technical problem and did it with charm. I couldn't have done this without their help. Yea team!

As I mentioned in the interview, I am going to leap into dye.  Well this weekend, I did, in a very intense introduction to dye at Pro Chemical & Dye.  I did it all with the help of a marvelous teacher, Vicki Jensen.  My head is still spinning from all of the information. I am not exactly sure what I will be dye, probably wool or silk, but I do know that it is in my future. Later this year, I'm going to take another class on dyeing and felting, a master class, this time, called The Depth  and Breadth of Color Design in Feltmaking.  This class will be with the amazing artist, Jorie Johnson, and will also be held at Pro Chemical & Dye. This is a five day workshop and promises to be very exciting, to quote the catalog: "This class will encourage, even the most timid of dyers/felters to enjoy the ease in overlapping skills in both the fields of feltmaking and dyeing." 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this video as much as I did making it. Next week, there'll be another video about the interview, this time featuring a necklace that I've done. Tomorrow, I'm going back to the studio to work on a new dress inspired by Edith Wharton's home The Mount. I will write more about this project, because it's very exciting new venture for me, and it ties in to the efforts of Rachel Worrell and others to help preserve her home and legacy.

Happy Felting.

What an an absolutely marvelous time I had yesterday.  I worked with Rachel Worrall, Carolyn Ross and her assistant Carmen at Wellesely College's greenhouse, producing photos of my seamless nuno felted creation, "Earth". I have always wanted to create something that evolved around the four elements, and though I paint and have made many paintings, which somtimes include one of the elements, as a series, I could never quite see my way to a complete narrative.

When I started imagining making seamless garments- envisioning the designs, colors and styles-that is when I found my narrative thread, (no pun intended). Fiber, wool, felt are all so elemental. I don't think it is a stretch to say that the four elements are involved in the creation of felt. There is the wool, from sheep who feed on and fertilize the earth. Water, a very necessary ingredient for creating firm solid felt. Air, well, anyone who has ever made felt, will tell you how much effort one exerts in the rolling and beating, stretching of the wool, all of which requires air. Lastly fire, in felt, hot water will speed the felting process along, and hot water, requires fire.

I am planning on creating four ensembles to represent the four elements. I started with "Earth" I used lots of different greens from my B. Felt palette, and some hot house flower colors. I think I was trying to escape, at least in my mind, the stark cold reality of winter in Boston.

 Next I will get to work on water. I just purchased some spectacular hand painted blue silk chiffon from Gorgeous Fabrics. I am imagining a little cocktail dress with lots of flirty ruffles. Oh well we will see,. I begin by drawing, but then something happens when I actually start manipulating the fabric, It talks to me, directs me to its form and colors. As artists we should always pay attention to those voices. I know that if I try to force an idea instead of just grabbing it by the tail and allowing it to pull me along, I am inevitably disappointed..


flower without beads.jpg
      What a dreary day in Boston, rain, rain and more rain, but at least you don't have to shovel rain. It was  perfect day to be felting in my studio. I worked on finishing the felt flowers that my model Rachel will wear in her hair for the photo shoot on Wednesday. I am still uncertain as to whether I should bead the flowers. Here is my dilemma, on the left is the felt flower in all its glorious "feltedness"

 On the right, is the felt flower I beaded as a gift for my    flower with beads.jpg
ex-assistant Oa. I think the beads make it look spectacular, but it takes me two and half hours to bead!!! As beautiful as they are, I can't charge enough to make up for my time. What to do.? I retail my simple felted flowers for $30. I would have to charge at least $50 in order to make the embellishments worth my time. I suppose I can make a few and see what the market says.

I love the color of this felt flower. I blended three different colors of my merino wool roving. Rubrum Lily
, rubrum lily.jpg

La Sunrise LA Sunrise.jpg

Black Raspberry   Black Rasberry.jpg Three very luscious hot colors. Just the medicine for a miserable winter day. All these colors and more are available in my boutique .

Sunday was the going away party for Oa and I gave her the felted flower broach. Doesn't she look beautiful wearing it?oa & Flower.jpg

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