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New Felt Scarves: Winter Kelp Scarves

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall, or spring depending on where you are in the world.  I just finished the first open studio in my new studio, and it was a great success.  I got a lot of interest in my felting classes on how to felt and interest in one of my new felted scarves, the Winter Kelp Scarf.


This felt scarf is created by wrapping marbles in the wet finished scarf.  I take marbles and tie them in place with rubber bands to create a bubbled texture that looks to me like pieces of seaweed.  But don't worry, these scarves are warm and ready for winter.  I had Rachel Worrall take some beautiful pictures for me, and next, I'm also going to get some of them photographed with my assistant Rachel wearing them.

Here are a few more examples of the scarves, which are on sale in Etsy.



A Busy Day in the Studio

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Felted flowers group shot.jpg
Ian and I had a very productive day in the studio. He took photos of the rest of the wool and also all my kits, jewelry and needle felted animals.The above photo is of all my felted flowers, plus look closely and you can see my needle tabby enjoying the flowers. 

 I worked on three scarves using Felbi pre-felt. I love experimenting and I learn so much when I take the time to do so. I am going  teach a class next week that uses the Felbi pre-felt and really wanted to know what can be done and what are the problems. Only one of the scarves did not turn out the way I wanted to, but I know why, and I'll repair the scarf by using my new needle felting machine.

I hope they are dry tomorrow especially the one with protuberances. I tied little marbles into different parts of the scarf so that it would have a very interesting texture.  My son did a good bit of this work, and it'll be fun to see how it turns out.

Andrea stopped by and we discussed the next show for Bead + Fiber. It is going be an African themed show tentatively titled "Into Africa". We are working with the Hamill Gallery. It is going to be a tight deadline, but we'll keep it together for you.

Light Box and New Scarf

I've finally created the lightbox, and am going to be putting up new pictures of my work, as well as start placing new items on my etsy store including Wool, and Pre-Felt Batts.

The lightbox was a little more difficult than I expected, but once we got it up, we got some good pictures with it.  I think they'll come out better next time, but my son and I are still working.

Here's one of the pictures of the wool


Also, I'm working on a new scarf for one of the classes that I'm going to teach.  I'm creating a sample for them made out of Felbi Wool Batts from FIbreFusion.   Here are some pictures of the pattern that I'm working on:

image_laying_out_plaid scarf.jpg


I'll post some images up here after the class of the finished scarf and how the class went.

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