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Hey, I am going to be on TV talking about felt making on March 8th 2010!  If you are interested in the magic of working with wool to make felt, please tune in. The show is called "It's All About Arts"  It is a one hour live interview style (BBN TV Channel 9) show dedicated to promoting and educating in the world of art.  The show airs in Boston on Channel 9 from 6:00PM to 7:00 PM each Monday. It should be a lot of fun.  You are welcome to call into the show as well and ask questions.

For the show, I have prepared a video demonstration on how to make felt.  Rachel Worrall, my famously beautiful model, will be wearing some of my newest creations.   I have posted some pictures on my site of the nuno felt dress "Earth", but now you can see the clothes worn live!

The hosts of "Its All About Arts" are Glenn Williams and Suzanne Shultz. This popular show is in its thirteenth season, so it is a real Boston institution.

This is a short video that demonstrates how to roll wool felt.  Felt making requires lots of agitation to make the felting process work.  Rolling the wool is a critical part of the process since it forces the wet wool fibers to migrate and eventually interlock with with each other.  In this video, we are making a nuno felt shawl.  The agitation created by rolling the wool and silk allows the wool fibers to migrate through the silk. Later we will shock the wool fibers to make them interlock with each other by applying hot water and continuing to agitate the wool and the silk fabric.

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This is a short video on making the olive oil soap mixture that I use when I am creating nuno felt. I make an olive oil mixture out of water and chopped up soap to make a slimy paste that I then mix with water.  This soap mixture allows the merino wool to slide through the silk fabric allowing the wool and silk lamination process work.  Also, the olive oil soap mixture makes your hand feel great; it is like going to a spa!

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