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Interview With Christine Liu

Hi this is Ian Poole.  The blog posts on this site are mostly by Barbara, but I'm doing something a little different today.  We've got an interview here with Christine Liu about one of the classes Barbara recently taught on Felted Slippers.  Christine is a writer, and editor based in boston and works and has worked at the Weekly Dig, the Boston Globe, the Daily Candy, and Boston Magazine.

BFelt:          What experience do you have in fashion?
Christine:    I follow fashion a lot.  Fashion theory, clothes and what they signify.  Not design or anything, but more social and cultural aspects.

BFelt:          Have you ever taken any classes before in making clothing?
Christine:    I've taken a couple of sewing classes, and I have knitting experience.  I really don't have any room where I live to do anything except sleep and eat.

BFelt:          What were your assumptions before you took the class?
Christine:    I have been to the gallery, but I've never taken one of their classes.  I didn't have any idea.  I knew what felt was, though.  Before I went, I thought "What are we gonna do for 5 hours".  I did not know what I was going to do.  I knew I would learn a skill that would be interesting

christine laying out wool.jpg

BFelt:          What did you think of working with felt?
Christine:    I loved it.   If I'd known I'd was going to get covered with warm soapy water I would've worn less nice clothing.  I loved the hands-on aspect.  I don't think there could be room for more people.  There was just enough space.  The one thing I would suggest is just a little outline of what is going to happen.  I would have liked to know what the process was going to be before, so I could choose colors, but it might have been a blessing in disguise, because I would have agonized over the slipper.

BFelt:          How do you feel about the slipper that you created?
Christine:    I think they're adorable.  They're so comfy.  When I show people, they're like "you made those??".  It's nice to have something I invested myself in.  I feel like as far as the seasonality, and the recession, it seemed like a very timely class.


BFelt:          How'd you feel about the level of attention you were given in the class?
Christine:     I think it was great.  I ducked out to get a sandwich, and Barbara had finished layering the wool.  It was great to have the assistance.  I was impatient and she came over and helped me out.

Bfelt:           Do you think you'd ever want to make somethng out of felt again?
Christine:    It really transforms the object that [is made].  I've seen hand-made felt dresses, really simple minimalist cuts, futurist/primitive things going on.  If I had a whole weekend, maybe.  Maybe make weird little creatures.

BFelt:          Anything else you'd like to say?
Christine:    It is really fun to do, sort of like a vacation, but you invest in your own little creativity pod.  

That's all for today.  Unfortunately, Barbara didn't get to complete the last class yet because of the snowstorm.  But once she does, she'll be back up here with pictures of the class and tips and tricks on how to use felbi batts.

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