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Please give me feedback on this site

Hello everyone!

I need more of a conversation with you about the content on this site to know what kind of content you want me to create and publish.  I have attached a link to an online forum run by UserVoice so that you can give me your suggestions.

Do you like the slideshows that I have posted?  How about the latest "How to" videos that I have been blogging about?  What kind of content would really excite you about felting, felt making, and my work as a fiber artist?

What do you want to learn?  What kind of information do you need so that you can become a better felt maker?  Is there something that I am missing?

Luv!  barbara
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I entered a wool felt scarf into the Scarf and Shawl Auction.  Until November 15, the auction will be open to buyers who want to bid on fabulous wool scarves, shawls, workshops and books. 

The Surface Design Association has nearly 4000 members worldwide.  Each member creates textiles, paper, art, etc in his or her unique style.  Each scarf, shawl, DVD or book in this auction has been created by the artist for this auction.

 The Surface Design Association auction supports the Creative Promise Awards, conference scholarships, various SDA grants, and additional member benefits.  

My Winter Kelp Scarf is # 10 on the list of all items being sold.

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The Uniform Project: Fashion for good

I just had to post about this fabulous project! Not only does it demonstrate that fashion accessories are an economical way to change an outfit (365 different ways to accessorize one dress), but Sheena Matheiken at The Uniform Project is doing it as a fundraiser. She has pleadged to wear the identical dress (she has seven) every day for an entire year, changing the look dramatically via savvy accessorizing. Every day she reinvents the dress with with layers, vintage, hand made, or hand-me-down goodies. She will even incorporate your donated accessories into her outfit. If you want to purge your closet of old accessories or design an ensemble for her to wear click through to Donate Accessories.
Inky blues snakeskin shoes.jpg
The Uniform Project is a year long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation which funds educational expenses for children living in Indian slums. She keeps a photo log of every outfit. Check it out!

I spend a lot of time looking at sites about felting and at what other fiber artists are doing.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what sites you find most inspiring.  I would like to expand what I know and learn about other felters in the process.  Many thanks!

Trip to New Hampshire

Today I took a trip up to New Hampshire to deliver some earrings to the Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth.  The earrings are going to be part of their Teeny Tiny Art Show IV.  I've been part of the show for the last few years, and the gallery owner was nice enough to allow me to show my new felt work.  Here's some of the earrings that I am showing:
Sushi on Fire Earrings.jpg
B+W Dangly Sputiks.jpg

If you're up in New Hampshire, please come visit the Three Graces Gallery at 105 Market St.  I can say for certain you won't be disappointed.  Besides my work, my friend Lisa Costanzo is also showing her beautiful small paintings:


After I finish moving art across the border, I'm coming back to prepare for my scarf class tomorrow. I made the plaid scarf as an example for this class, as well a black and white Polka Dot scarf, and also a scarf that I call "Bubbling Over":

Scarf small version.jpg

I'll put up the information about the class after tomorrow, and I look forward to showing you the ease of using Felbi Batts.

Review of How We Felt

Today, I'm going to start a semi-regular feature detailing felting books, and looking in-depth at some of the artists involved in the books.  One of the books that I've been using recently is "How we Felt: Designs and Techniques by Contemporary Felt Artists" by Carol Huber Cypher.  It is a collection of different felting instructions from felt artists around the world, showing off their unique felting "recipes".


This book is a very advanced manual from which one can create beautiful work.  This book is not for the newcomer but rather the confident felt artist.  There are fewer pictures of how to do the basic elements of felting, and the instructions include a number of specific felting language.  

In the book, you can find some of the work of Lisa Klakulak.  Her item is a beautiful "Brick House" handbag.  The piece involves creating a handbag using the ball method.  On her website,, you can see more examples of her impressive work.


Besides handbags, she creates totes, gauntlets (fingerless gloves), scarves and other items.  As she says, her work is meant to contrast between the softness of the medium and the safety that handbags and clothing convey.  She works with felt as her base and often sews on other pieces of felt or buttons.

Lisa Klakulak_picnik.jpg

That's all for today.  I'm off to build a light box so that I can take pictures of some of the new work I've been doing.  I got the idea from Craftershock, and here's the link to their instructions. Take a look at them as the pictures they've taken with it look amazing.

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